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Under Pressure

Anno: 2008
Tecnica: Mixed media on canvas
Dimensioni: 150x105 cm
© Angelo Accardi by SIAE
Codice prodotto: 8228
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Status: In vendita
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Angelo Accardi was born in 1964 in Sapri, in the province of Salerno. After a brief experience at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, in the early nineties he opened a personal studio in Sapri and began a research on figuration with a social background. His artistic path is aimed at the perennial search for hidden human sensations to be discovered. Magical urban and interior compositions, elaborations of a sophisticated system of painting and vision, which strike and stun the viewer. Participates in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy and around the world. He exhibits in the most prestigious Italian and European galleries, and in 2011 his works of the collection Misplaced are exhibited at the Italian Pavilion of the 54th edition of the Venice Biennale. His quotations begin to grow and since 2012 he participates in the most important contemporary art fairs around the world. He exhibits in important international galleries and his art evolves in a particular way, maintaining the same stylistic code but renewing itself in a surprising way. Angelo Accardi's art is an art that describes, deepens and feeds itself at the same time of the styles and stresses of today's living. Urban landscapes or interiors of houses and museums, that the artist "stops" as only a hidden camera can do and that, filtered through original pictorial interpretations, become the expression of an interesting and complex personality. In his canvases the symbol becomes the interpretative key of a hidden reality. Angelo Accardi is currently one of the most internationally known Italian artists. He lives and works in Sapri.

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