From light into darkness

Year: 1974
Medium:Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions:70x70 cm
Product code: 8390
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Fantasy Landscape

Year: 1996
Medium:Mixed media on canvas applied on paper
Dimensions:60x40 cm
Product code: 2558
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Museum of Science (Naples)

Year: 1983
Medium:Mixed media on paper
Product code: 1323
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Luca Alinari (Florence, 1943-2019) was one of the most cultured and refined figures on the contemporary Italian art scene. His early works were incredibly successful, thanks to his first works inspired by the poetics of New Dada and Pop Art. In his works of the 1970s, common objects were freely juxtaposed, with implicit messages of a conceptual and philosophical nature. Revolutionary were in particular the painting techniques used, among the most disparate. Fantastic atmospheres took over during the 80s and found their definitive crowning with the Fantastic Landscapes. During his career he has exhibited all over the world, also participating in international exhibitions such as the Venice Biennale and the Rome Quadrennial. Galleria d'Arte Piero Della Francesca was one of the first galleries to realize Luca's absolute talent and hosted, in 1972, one of his first solo exhibitions. The collaboration with Luca, cemented by his fraternal friendship with Giacomo Vaiani Lisi, lasted until his death. The marvellous works that made him one of the most beloved masters of our time remain as a testimony of his genius.

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