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Anno: 1982
Tecnica: Sculpture - 18th century wood, with low gold leaf and gems
Dimensioni: 27,5 x 15,5 x 5 cm
Codice prodotto: 8368
Dettagli aggiuntivi
Status: In vendita
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Giuseppe Amadio was born in 1944 in Todi, where he currently lives and works. He attended technical-artistic schools and free courses of design and advertising graphics, dealing with posters on an industrial scale. Subsequently, he alternated between the activity of painter and designer in the field of interior design. For over twenty years he has worked assiduously as a studio technician with the artist Piero Dorazio. From works characterized by a poetic material-gestual, has moved in recent years, to a language of conceptual matrix through the production of monochrome canvas extroflesse. Among the visual languages of contemporary art, Giuseppe Amadio's is one of the most fascinating, being a great inventor, having been able to organize new dimensional, compositional, chromatic and spatial solutions. An inventive and cognitive continuity that crosses his artistic work with an aesthetic research that welcomes feeling and reason, emotion and rationality. Recently, his work has been the subject of a rediscovery by the market and its prices have had a significant rise.

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