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Sergio Dangelo was born in Milan on 19 April 1932. He studied in Paris, Brussels and Geneva. At the age of 16 in Zandvliet, he made an act of "absolute surrealism". He exhibited for the first time in 1951 (San Fedele gallery Milan). With Enrico Baj and Joe Cesare Colombo he was the animator of the "Man' (nuclear art movement). From 1953 he took part in the activities of the "third surrealist convoy". After the interlude with the Nuclear Art Movement, in 1957 Dangelo signed the "Manifesto against style" together with, among others, Enrico Baj, Yves Klein, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Giò Pomodoro, Pierre Restany, Piero Manzoni and Paolo Pasotto, Arman, in which he affirmed the overcoming of nuclear art. Among his most famous works are the "Hand-made", defined in 1960 by Marcel Duchamp as resulting from the assembly of the most disparate objects and materials: wood, nails, hemp thread, buttons, cardboard, soft plastic, stoneware, wicker, glass, ceramics, Indian ink, tempera, aniline, nitrocellulose paints, enamels. His bibliography (in five languages) lists 170 known publications. He has held 509 solo exhibitions and participated in 1570 group exhibitions worldwide. He has been invited to the Sao Paulo Biennale (4 editions), Paris Biennale (3 editions), Rome Quadriennale (1 edition), Venice Biennale (6 editions with a personal room in 1966), Milan Triennale (5 editions; with Ettore Sottsass, entrance hall, 1960). He has collaborated with the magazines Phantomas, Temps-Meles, Les levres nues, Documento Sud, Imago, Human Design, Daily Bùl, Amenophis, Bokubi, Clandestino, Phases, Plus, Egolalia, Barriera, Il Gesto, Opus, Boa. He illustrated "Madame Bovary" with 11 synthetic signs (Editions Iles Celebes. Geneva - 2007). 57 of his works are in 43 museums on five continents, including the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna in Rome. The Dangelo-Theodore Koenig correspondence (1953-1983) is deposited at the Bibliotheque Royale de Bruxelles. The Dangelo-d'Orgeix correspondence is deposited at the Bibliotheque Nationale de France in Paris. An all-round artist, incredibly prolific, he painted until the very end. He died in Milan in the night between 4 and 5 January 2022.

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