Year: 1967
Medium:Mixed media and collage on board
Dimension:50x30 cm
Status: Available
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Sergio Dangelo (Milan, 1930) was the founder of the Movimento Arte Nucleare, together with Enrico Baj and Joe Colombo. Dangelo's nuclear painting starts from a reflection on modernity increasingly interested in atomic research. The aim is to reconstruct a hypothetical nuclear landscape through the use of materials and techniques of various kinds. Dangelo, one of the first Italian artists to come into direct contact with the Belgian group Co.B.Ra, builds his own poetics inspired by Surrealism and the automatism of the sign understood as psychic automatism, taking advantage of André Bréton's theories. His art, through the disintegration of matter, is opposed to figuration and abstractionism, with a singular language that adheres perfectly to the founding idea of the Manifesto of the Nuclear Art Movement, which aims to "reinvent painting". Sergio Dangelo lives and works in Milan. (text by Giorgio Vaiani Lisi)

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