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High Noon Sutter SF

Anno: 2019
Tecnica: Oil on panel
Dimensioni: 91x91 cm
Codice prodotto: 169
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Status: Non disponibile
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Jeremy Mann, born in Cleveland (USA) in 1979, is considered the most important and influential American painters of his generation in the field of Realism. Graduated with honors, with a BFA in Studio Fine Arts and Magna Cum Laude with an MFA in Painting, his studies have crossed various techniques (oil painting, drawing, photography) and styles (from abstract to realism).  Currently known for his "modern impressionist" oil paintings, Mann continues to create with constantly evolving styles, subjects and means. Speaker in many important workshops around the world, he travels extensively, drawing, painting, writing and photographing the entire journey, while searching for distant and rare art in museums around the world.  He has personally published five books (others are in the making), a feature film and some experimental short films. An artist without boundaries, his paintings are derived from continuous life studies combined with personal study practices translated through self-guided discovery of techniques, homemade analogue cameras, film lenses and other vestibules. His artistic theories are based on a strong work ethic, an insatiable curiosity for inspiration, knowledge, self-respect and awareness of the subtleties of life. He lives and works between California and Spain. The Piero Della Francesca Art Gallery has represented Mann for four years as a European exclusive, organising two solo exhibitions of his work (2019, 2021).

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