Year: 2005
Medium:Copper sculpture (one piece)
Dimensions:H 300 cm
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Nicola Zamboni was born in Bologna on 10 May 1943. After his studies and military service, he enrolled at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna, but dissatisfied with the climate and his relations with the teachers, he decided to leave it in his third year and take a trip to England to meet the famous sculptor Henry Moore. He was a guest of the great artist for about a month and on his return to Italy he was faced with the great expectations and desires that this meeting had aroused in him. He found a suitable place to welcome his new enthusiasm and began a production of large works that he managed to place in some parks in the outskirts of Bologna. By the beginning of the 1980s, his figure as a 'social artist' was already established and most public places in the Bologna belt and beyond became undisputed locations for his works. During this period, he greatly intensified his production, which was often interspersed with commissions from private individuals, but despite this, the artist's greatest expression continued to be his public works. In 1988, he was asked to execute a sculpture for the city of Mito in Japan. Following this experience, he was invited to several countries abroad to execute some works for Italian communities among them: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Australia. The materials that can be contemplated in Nicola Zamboni's work include cement, present in most of his early works, stone and marble, terracotta, wood and copper, the latter widely used in public works from 1995 onwards. With the use of copper, the artist's language also changes. Another important element of Nicola Zamboni's life is teaching. He began teaching at the Academy in Bologna as an assistant alongside sculptor Quinto Ghermandi until he became a teacher himself in 1995. He taught for seven years at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and met Sara Bolzani there in 1997. Recognising her artistic talents, he decided to have her collaborate on some of his works with other students. From these first collaborations, a true partnership was formed between Nicola Zamboni and Sara Bolzani, and in fact from 2000 to the present day we can look back on many collaborative works. In addition to public works, Nicola started a large sculptural project with Sara outside of both public and private commissions, this work includes the creation of thirty horses and horsemen in battle, a sort of allegory of modern times. These works have been displayed in several exhibitions, including one held at the Rocca di Cento in 2006. They are now almost halfway through. These works can be visited in their studio in Sala Bolognese, where they live and work. Monumental works by Nicola Zamboni can be found in numerous public places in Italy and abroad. In Arezzo, there are two large prancing horses, made inspired by the symbol of the city.

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