"Composizione Astratta"

Year: 1959
Medium:Oil on canvas
Dimension:60×70 cm
Status: Not available
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Riccardo Guarneri was born in Florence in 1933, he began painting at the same time as a musical activity that saw him performing with light music orchestras in Italy and abroad, playing classical guitar and jazz. After the first figurative paintings he approached the informal. In 1959 he took part in the exhibition "Baldi - Fallani - Guarneri - Masi - Verna. Five Informal in Florence". Also in 1959. The first personal exhibition was at the Galerie de Posthoorn in The Hague, in 1960, when Guarneri was also at "Abstracte Italiensee Kunst" in Ostend and at "Modern Paintings of Italy" at the Rose Marie Gallerie in Taipei, while in 1961 he had a personal exhibition with Claudio Verna at the Galleria L'Indiano in Florence and in 1962 at the Galleria San Matteo in Genoa. In 1962 Guarneri began to take an interest in colour as light, in handwriting as painting and in the problems of visual perception. From this moment on, sign, light and colour are identified, substantiating a poetic world of acute sensitivity and constituting, even in its various phases, the common thread of a decidedly personal research. In 1963 he had a solo exhibition at La Strozzina di Palazzo strozzi. In 1966 he took part in the XXXIII Venice Biennale (where he shared the room with Agostino Bonalumi and Paolo Scheggi) and in the exhibition "Weiss auf Weiss" at the Kunstalle in Bern, while in 1967 he took part in the V Biennale in Paris and in the exhibitions of "Nuova Tendenza". Among the most prestigious exhibitions are the participations in the Quadriennali in Rome in 1973 and 1986, the Biennials in Milan in 1974, 1983 and 1994, and the historical exhibitions on Italian art: "Linee della ricerca artistica in Italia 1960-1980" at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome in 1981; "Astratto-Secessioni astratte in Italia dai dopoguerra al 1990" at the Galleria Civica di Verona in 1990; "Presenze delle avanguardie a Firenze dal '47 ad oggi" at the Centro d'Arte Spaziotempo in Florence in 1991; "Arte in Italia 1956/1968" at the Museo Civico di Conegliano Veneto in 1995; "Die andere Richtung der Kunsf. Abstrakte Kunst Italiens '60/'90" at the Kunsthalle in Cologne in 1997; "Analytical Painting of the 70s" at the Palazzo della Permanente in Milan in 2007; "Aniconic Painting" at the Casa del Mantegna in Mantua in 2008; "Forms of Art in Italy" at the Rotonda della Besana in Milan in 2010 and "Paths of Italian Art" at the Vaf-Stiftung, Mart in Trento and Rovereto in 2011. In 2000 he realized the project for the mosaic of twenty-four square meters of the Lucio Sestio metro station in Rome and in 2004 his first anthological exhibition was held at the Modern Art Gallery of Palazzo Pitti in Florence. In 2015 in Parma Galleria Clivio dedicated to the artist the exhibition: "Opere su carta 1964 - 1982" and then in 2016 in Milan the exhibition: "Opere 1974 - 2015". In 2017 he took part in the 57th Venice Biennale. Currently Riccardo Guarneri lives and works in Florence and is considered one of the most important living masters in Europe.

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