"Dessin de Feu Circulaire"

Year: 2007
Medium:Mixed media on board (enamel paint, collage of burnt matches)
Dimension:120x80 cm
Status: Available
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Bernard Aubertin was born in 1934 in France, in Fontenay-aux-Roses. Self-taught, his work was initially influenced by Futurism and Cubism. In 1957 he met Yves Klein, who was to be his inspiration. In 1958 he created the Rouge Total and then the Tableaux Feu (fire-red monochrome canvases), the Tableaux Clous (boards with nails), the Tableaux Fil de Fer (boards with iron wire), the Parcours d'Allumettes (collages of matches). The works use the most varied materials. The meaning of his work is to express the energy of the soul and colour is the expression of strength. This is only the first step: the 1960s saw the introduction of fire and combustion, spontaneous agents through which he created abstract compositions. Fire is no longer a destructive element but a creator. In 1962 Aubertin founds, together with Heinz Mack, Otto Piene and Piero Manzoni, the Zero Group that will represent a revolutionary movement in the European and World panorama of the time. In the 70s he took part in Documenta Kassel. The '80s and '90s saw him produce numerous performances in which he set fire to pianos and cars, always with red as the predominant colour and trait-d-union between the various disciplines with which he expressed himself. He moved to Germany in 1990 and worked there until his last years, in which his activity was particularly intense and prolific and in which red, his trademark, was flanked by the colours grey, white, black and gold, always monochrome. He died in Reutlingen in 2015. (text by Giorgio Vaiani Lisi)

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