Galleria d'Arte Piero Della Francesca - Modern and Contemporary Art - Since 1969

Galleria d'Arte Piero Della Francesca

Modern and Contemporary Art - Since 1969

Founded in Arezzo in 1969, the Piero Della Francesca Art Gallery is one of the oldest galleries in Europe. Over the course of its history it has organized exhibitions of great masters of the twentieth century and contemporary becoming, over the years, a landmark for art lovers, especially the figurative and realistic, coming to exhibit, in the past, artists of the caliber of Giorgio De Chirico and to represent exclusively, currently, the most important American realist painter, Jeremy Mann. The exhibition and commercial proposal is among the largest and most qualitative in the world: alongside the most important historicized artists on the international scene, a large space is reserved for emerging authors. The Gallery hosts not only solo, group and thematic exhibitions, but also exhibitions such as “Prospettive d’Arte Contemporanea” (the first edition of which dates back to 1973). Exhibitions are alternated with periodical installations in which works by artists are exhibited and treated permanently. Today, now in its 50th year of activity and in its third generation, the Gallery (directed by Giorgio Vaiani Lisi) operates on an international scale, offering a refined selection of important contemporary artists. Together with the art of our time, the Gallery continues to offer selected works by great masters of the 20th and 19th century, with a rich catalogue of works of high collecting value and historical interest. A safe guide to collect and invest.