And God created the comic strip


"And God created the comic strip"

Anno: 1979
Tecnica: Ink and watercolour on paper
Dimensioni: 70x50 cm
Status: Non disponibile

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Alberto Fremura was born in Livorno in 1936. He graduated in Economics at the University of Pisa. A highly appreciated painter and cartoonist, he mainly collaborated with satirical or political journalism newspapers, including "Il Travaso" (where he made his debut in 1957), "Il Borghese", but above all achieved great fame thanks to his cartoons that appeared in newspapers such as "La Nazione", "Il Resto del Carlino" and, for three years, with Indro Montanelli's "Il Giornale"). He published numerous books, including "Arca Miseria", "Urge diluvio stop" (with Magi), "Nonna minestra" (with Aldo Fabrizi), "Proverbi toscani", "Pelle e Ossola" (with Palumbo), "Italia purtroppo" (with Magi), "Cronache italiane 74 - atto primo / atto secondo" (Pacini, Pisa, 1979). Among the illustrated books, Renato Fucini's 'Le veglie di Neri' (Pacini, Pisa, 1984) should be mentioned. Published mainly by right-wing publications, it is among the few authors who nevertheless enjoy respect and esteem even on the left, both for its exceptional artistic level and because it is an expression of genuine satire. He is thus also published by newspapers such as the British Punch, the American New Yorker, and the Italian Linus. He received important awards, from the Palme d'Or of the Bordighera International Humour Show (1962) to the Political Satire Award (Forte dei Marmi, 1989) and the Giorgio Cavallo Award (third edition, Moncalieri 2001). The Piero Della Francesca Art Gallery in Arezzo organised two personal exhibitions of his work (1978, 1985) and published several of his art editions, lithographs and engravings. He died in Livorno in 2023.

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