Year: 2019
Medium:Ceramic - Polychrome terracotta, Yellow gold - Third fire | Unique piece
Dimensioni: 18x18x34 cm
Product code: 8214
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Carlo Zoli was born in Bari in 1959, the fourth descendant of a family of ceramic artists. The family tradition dates back to the early twentieth century, when his great-grandfather Carlo worked as a ceramist in Borgo Durbecco in Faenza. Grandfather Paolo was a painter with the Minardi brothers and owner of the Bottega La Faience, which collaborated with artists such as Pietro Melandri, Roberto Sella and Franco Nonni. His father Franco was a painter, sculptor and teacher of Artistic Decoration; it was he who formed Carlo, artistically and humanly. Peculiar artistic qualities have allowed Carlo to emerge quickly and gain acclaim in Italy and abroad since his young age. He lives and works in Faenza. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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