© Mino Maccari by SIAE


Anno: 1950
Tecnica: Watercolor on cardboard
Dimensioni: 18x15 cm
© Mino Maccari by SIAE
Status: In vendita


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Mino Maccari was born in Siena in 1898. At nineteen years participates in the Great War as an officer of artillery campaign. Back in Siena in 1920 he graduated in law and began working at the study of lawyer Dini in Colle Val d'Elsa. They are of these years his first attempts at painting and engraving. The debut of Maccari in public is with the Group Labronico. In 1922 he participated in the "March on Rome". In 1924 he was called by Angiolo Bencini to take care of the printing of "Il Selvaggio", where his first engravings appeared; in 1926 he left the legal profession and took over the direction until 1942. In 1925 the editorial staff of "Il Selvaggio" moved to Florence and among its collaborators included Ardengo Soffici, Ottone Rosai and Achille Lega. In 1927 Maccari participates in the Second International Exhibition of Modern Engraving and the Third Exhibition of the Tuscan Union of Arts Drawing. The following year is present at the XVI Venice Biennale. In 1929 "The Wild" moved to Siena and Maccari exhibited puntesecche the Second Exhibition of the twentieth century Italian in Milan. In the early thirties is chief editor of the "Press" of Turin, next to the director Malaparte. In 1931 he participated in the I Quadrennial in Rome (where he will be again in 1951 and 1955). In 1932 "The Wild" moved to Rome. In 1938 he was invited to the XXI Venice Biennale with a personal room, collaborates with "Omnibus" by Longanesi and held a personal exhibition at the Rainbow of Venice. In 1943 he exhibited at a personal exhibition at Palazzo Massimo in Rome and at the Exhibition Dux Cinquale di Montignoso. In 1948 he was again at the Venice Biennale where he was awarded the international prize for engraving (there will also be in 1950, 1952, 1960, 1962). At the end of the forties began his collaboration with the liberal magazine "The World", directed by Pannunzio, ended in 1963. In 1955 it is to the Biennial of San Paolo (Brazil). In 1962 he is entrusted with the presidency of the Accademia dei Lincei. Then in 1963 he held a solo exhibition in New York at Gallery 63 and in 1967 he participated in the "Exhibition of Modern Art in Italy 1915-1935", held in Florence at Palazzo Strozzi. Follow a series of personal exhibitions and international exhibitions of graphics, including that of 1977 in Siena, where he was dedicated a solo exhibition at the Palazzo Pubblico. He died in 1989 in Rome. He collaborated for 30 years with the Piero Della Francesca Art Gallery, which organized 5 of his personal exhibitions (including 2 anthological), as well as various collective and thematic exhibitions in which Maccari participated with his desecrating and explosive art.

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