Expansion-Contraction Structure


"Expansion-Contraction Structure"

Year: 2016
Medium:Acrylic on structured canvas
Dimensions:120x60 cm
Status: On hold

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Born in Ferrara 08/01/67. Already as a young boy, fascinated by the workshop work of his father, an appreciated wood restorer, he was keen to learn the use of fretwork, carving and inlaying techniques, alongside brushwork construction in a geometric play of planes. It was here that he began his approach to the artistic world, carrying out and experimenting with carving techniques and working with a variety of materials such as wood, rockwool panels and polystyrene, pursuing a research that hinged on the canons of classical geometry, a source of study and observation for Brunello. Following this path, Brunello began to construct wooden frames then covered with canvases that simultaneously conceal and reveal the work underneath, as if to rarefy the structure, allowing the play of light to highlight it, and no longer the perfect carving. The wooden structure, whether simple geometric or of perspective appeal, is thus veiled by the canvas, and it is the depth of Brunello's desired carving that defines the power generated by the light to give more or less prominence to the underlying structure, depending on the project conceived by the artist. The first exhibition was in 1999 at the Ars et Labor gallery in Forli and Asiago (Vi), with a collaboration that lasted until 2005. In the same year an exhibition was held at the FB Arte Ostellato gallery in Ferrara, accompanied by exhibitions at various Italian art fairs (Forlì, Parma, Pordenone, Reggio Emilia). In 2006 an exhibition was organised at the Agostino Tortora Gallery in Ferrara and then from 2007 he started a collaboration with the L'Idea Gallery in Santa Maria Maddalena. In 2011 Brunello joined the Rigorismo group with the Lattuada Gallery in Milan, taking part in numerous art fairs such as Mi Art, Step, Affordable Art Fair, Art Verona, and also in 2011 an exhibition on Rigorismo was held at the Galleria San Carlo in Milan. Always part of the same Rigorismo current, he took part in several exhibitions in the following years: in 2013 Galleria Antonio Battaglia Milan, Palazzo Salmatoris Cherasco Cuneo and a solo show at Galleria Idearte in Ferrara . In 2014 Contemporary Art Gallery Crotone and Art Miami and Concept Art Fair Miami. In February 2015 he participates in the exhibition "Rigorismo" Istituto Italiano di Cultura New York and in March at Unix Gallery New York. In June 2015 he attended and exhibited at the presentation of the Rigorismo Manifesto at Galleria Lattuada Milan and in June with the same movement he exhibited at Art Busan and The Page Gallery Seoul Korea. In December 2015 he participated in the exhibition 'Amadio - Brunello' at Poleschi Arte Gallery, Milan. In 2016 he exhibited at the Armando Gori Gallery in Pietrasanta (LU) in the exhibition AUroom alongside Fontana, Isgrò, Del Pezzo and others. In 2017 at the Museo della Commenda in Genoa, he exhibited with Cesare Berlingeri in the exhibition Piegata Progressione. He lives and works in Ferrara.

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