Year: 1980
Medium:Oil on wood (work with artist's frame realized by Giampaolo Talani)
Dimensions:90x30 cm
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Silvio Loffredo was born in Paris, in Montparnasse, in 1920 from Italian parents. It is his father Michele, painter of naturalist vein, to educate him to the art, indicating him the sense of the measure and the art to dose the colors. Loffredo frequents, subsequently, the school of nude to the Grand Chaumière. At the end of the war he graduates at the art institute of Siena. Amerigo Bartoli is the teacher who attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, a city that leaves for Florence where he met Ottone Rosai and studied with Primo Conti, Ugo Capocchini and, above all, Celestino Celestini. In the sixties he follows, in Salzburg, the lessons of Oskar Kokoschka, from which derives the strong chromatic tension of expressionistic ancestry and, at the same time, proceeds in the realization, already undertaken since the early fifties, together with his brother Victor, experimental films, an interest that the artist has continued to cultivate until today and that has found numerous awards at international film festivals in Europe and America. With the early sixties come international recognition. Florence, however, remains the center of his activity and it is here that he also carries out his didactic work that, since 1973, is carried out at the Academy of Fine Arts where he is the holder of the class of painting. Recurrent themes of his famous artistic production are the Baptisteries and Bestiaries with which he participates in numerous exhibitions both in Italy and abroad. It is repeatedly present to the Biennal exhibition of Venice. The 12 June 2003, Loffredo receives the silver medal to the career devoted to the art. One of his paintings is conserved at the Sacrarium of Childhood at the Artisan School Village of Signa. He dies in Trebiano Magra in 2013.

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