The Man with the Kite


"The Man with the Kite"

Year: 1995
Medium:Enamel on canvas
Product code: 1399
Status: For sale

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Giacomo Vaiani Lisi was born in 1949 in Arezzo. At the end of the '60s, he founded together with his father Giovan Battista and his mother Giulia the Piero Della Francesca Art Gallery, of which he will be, for many years, the most dedicated figure to the talent-scouting of new artists. It is due to him the inclusion in the gallery roster of emerging Italian artists such as Alinari and Possenti, the conception of the periodic review "Prospettive d'Arte Contemporanea" (first edition: 1973) and the design of the first artwork published by the gallery. Privately, he dabbled in painting and sculpture without, however, exhibiting his works until 1995, the year in which his first solo exhibition was held, which was a great success with the public. His works are hardly part of an artistic current, being both abstract and surrealist (for painting) and informal (for sculpture), with figurative components that are often stylized until they reach the thresholds of abstraction ("The man with the kite"). In 2016, after several years of experimentation, he presented a new cycle of works (the "Flying Flowers"). He suddenly leaves us at the beginning of 2018.

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