Sail Away


"Sail Away"

Anno: 2021
Tecnica: Acrylic on wood
Dimensioni: 12 cm diametro
Codice prodotto: 8329
Status: In vendita


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Monica Spada was born in 1959 in Forlì. Her relationship with the image began in the early 1980s when she dealt with photography on which she intervened pictorially. She began to paint in 1985. Her growth as a painter took place in contact with the ECLISSI group in Forlì, which brought together a number of artists from Romagna who focused on the recovery of the figure in the late-conceptual and trans-avant-garde periods. His painting followed a very personal path and he painted for a long time without exhibiting until 1994, the year in which he took part in his first collective exhibition sponsored by the Municipality of Meldola (Fc) "LA DIFFERENZA", curated by Enrico Lombardi. He continues to regularly exhibit his works in personal exhibitions (including: ''Prima della forma'' 2001 - ''Nel sogno dello spazio'' 2005 - ''Interni e figure'' 2006 - in 2010 ''Affacciarsi'' at IL VICOLO Galleria Arte Contemporanea) and collective exhibitions in Italy (including: ''Le figure'' 1998 - ''Il ritratto della memoria - Shoah'' 2005 - ''Labirinto: mito, edificio, danza'' 2006 - ''Vit'Arte'' 2009 - ''90x90 . .thinking of Tonino Guerra'' 2010). In April 2000 the Arte Mondadori magazine dedicated an extensive and detailed article to her. Afterwards she started a cultural collaboration with the "Vicolo" of Cesena and Marisa Zattini, who invited her to collective exhibitions and published her works on the magazine Graphie. In 2011 she took part in a group exhibition at the Blackheath Gallery in London. In 2012 she was invited to take part in the ''Biennale delle Chiese Laiche'' (Biennial of the Lay Churches), which brought together a selection of regional and national artists in the most prestigious exhibition venues in Romagna. In 2018 she began collaborating with the art critic and historian Franco Bertoni, who invited her to the exhibition ''Esercizi dello sguardo'', a group show in several locations, on contemporary painting in Romagna, and to ''Ultimi paesaggi'' at the Centro Polivalente Gianni Isola in Imola. In the autumn of the same year, together with her friend Raffaella Vaccari, she set up a double personal exhibition entitled 'Soglie e Archeografie' in the evocative spaces of the Manica Lunga of the Museum of Rimini. His work has been examined by: Francesco Giardinazzo, Enrico Lombardi, GianRuggero Manzoni, Rocco Ronchi, Marisa Zattini and Franco Bertoni. Marisa Zattini writes: "To link words to things, images to dreams, colours to emotions in a rarefied silence. Privileged places because they are invented and non-existent if not beyond the threshold of reality for an iron logic of that ultimate and primary sense of things. A necessary and essential becoming in Monica Spada's painting. Assignments of pauses, of pauses, of platonically ostensive states of tranquillity. The 'misery' of greatness - or of the smallness of being -. Sensitive places and secrets whispered in the flow of an imaginary story that, strictly true to itself, has carved out and unfolded in clear, pure, authentic cyclical dimensions over the last twenty years. Monica Spada has fixed the limits of her architectural spaces and restored them to the equivalence of the sensitive values of a poetic gaze on the sense of a time of the soul". This writing aptly describes Monica Spada's research and the evolution of her painting, particularly the most interesting works of her recent production, the miniatures, to which she gives a very personal and strongly contemporary interpretation. In 2022 she began her collaboration with the Piero Della Francesca Art Gallery in Arezzo.

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