Anno: 2021
Tecnica: Acrylic on paper glued on wood
Dimensioni: 20x30 cm
Codice prodotto: 8378
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Enrico Lombardi, painter and writer, was born in Meldola (Fc) in 1958. For over forty years he has carried out an intense exhibition activity in Italy and abroad, accompanied by an uninterrupted reflection on the status of the image. After attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, he took part in numerous group exhibitions, including the "First Mediterranean Biennial" in Barcelona and the "Young Biennial" in Bologna (1985), two editions of the "Premio Campigna" in S.Sofia (1987-1990), "Pitture. Il sentimento e la forma" in Treviso and Bologna (1996), "Prima Biennale della figurazione fantastica e meravigliosa" in Poppi Castle (1997), "Sui Generis" at the P.A.C. in Milan (2000), "Figure del '900 (2)" in Bologna (2001), "Urban landscape" at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris (2005). He has held numerous solo shows, three of which at the Forni Gallery in Bologna and Milan (2000-2002-2006), two anthologies at the Wimmer Gallery in Montpellier (1999) and at the Galleria delle Arti in Bologna (1997), "Distanze" at Apt (2004), "L'oro della memoria" at the Art Bank Gallery in London (2005). Since 2004 the critic Alessandro Riva has invited him to join the group "Italian Factory" for the new Italian figuration, with which he has participated in "The new Italian art scene" at the Taipei Museum (2007), "Nuova figurazione...to be continued" at the Borroni Foundation (2008), "Rumors" at the Turin Arsenal (2008) and "No LandScape" at the Bandera Foundation (2009). In 2006 "Voci nel buio" was published, the second volume of I Quaderni di Italian Factory, published by Charta, with an unpublished story by Edoardo Albinati. In 2007, on the occasion of the solo show at the Museum of Forlì, the bilingual monographic volume published by Electa "Il Grido Silenzioso", edited by the philosopher Rocco Ronchi, with whom he has been collaborating for years and with whom he has a great friendship. In 2007 Sgarbi invites him to the great review "Arte Italiana 1968/2007. Pittura" to sanction the continuity of his presence in the new Italian painting scene. The Museums of Conegliano, Ravenna, Forlì, Bagnacavallo and the Davis Museum in Barcelona have one of his works. Numerous Italian critics and art historians have dedicated texts and presentations to him (Marco Goldin, Michele Loffredo, Nicola Micieli, Claudio Spadoni, Marco Di Capua, Alessandro Riva, Vittorio Sgarbi, Chiara Canali). Fitta also collaborates with his contemporary poets and thinkers, some of whom have given him important interpretative texts (Rocco Ronchi, Fulvio Abbate, Umberto Fiori, Silvia Lagorio, Federico Leoni, Edoardo Albinati, Antonella Anedda, Carlo Sini). A selection of his theoretical writings appears in the volume "Al limite del mondo. Philosophy, aesthetics, psychopathology", edited by Federico Leoni and Mauro Maldonato (Dedalo Ed. 2002) and in many of his Monographic Catalogues. In the autumn of 2009 Marco Goldin invited him to the important exhibition on the new Italian painting "Pittura d'Italia", held in Rimini on the fringe of the exhibition of masterpieces at the Boston Museum and to the exhibition "Italia dipinta" at the IULM University of Milan, curated by his students and testified by a Silvana Editorial Catalogue. At the end of 2009 her solo exhibition "Il tempo dell'ombra", curated by Chiara Canali and presented by the poetess Antonella Anedda, was held in Ravenna, sponsored by the Department of Culture and the Art Museum. In 2010 she began a new collaboration with the Blackheath Gallery in London. In 2011 he was invited to the third edition of the "Premio Maretti.Valerio Riva memorial" held in the prestigious spaces of the Pecci Museum in Prato and at 54. International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, nominated by the philosopher Carlo Sini, at the Corderie dell'Arsenale in Venice. In the autumn of 2011, in the Pio Suffragio Church in Bagnacavallo, under the patronage of the Civic Museums, he staged a solo exhibition "La pazienza dell'ombra", presented by Carlo Sini. In 2012 he took "La pazienza dell'ombra" to various parts of Italy (Galleria S.Angelo-Biella; Baccaro Art Gallery-Pagani) and a large solo show in Marina di Ravenna entitled "Autoritratti del tempo" was organised by Capit Ravenna. He also began his collaboration with the Galleria Nuovospazio Artecontemporanea in Piacenza with the solo exhibition "Bassa marea", presented by Ruggero Pierantoni and the young poet Matteo Zattoni from Romagna. In the spring of 2013 he set up "INATTUALI" at the City Museum of Rimini, with his friend Giorgio Tonelli; a double anthology accompanied by a bilingual volume, published by Damiani, in which the two artists, in an analytical text-manifesto, radically distance themselves from the contemporary art system. In the same year he participated in the group show "CrossOver", a selection of Italian and Chinese artists curated by Alessandro Riva and Ji Shaofeng, exhibited at the Arsenale di Venezia during the 55th edition of the Biennale. In 2014 he was invited by Marco Goldin to the exhibition "Around Vermeer. The faces, the light, the things", a tribute to the great Dutch master organized on the occasion of the exhibition in Bologna -Palazzo Fava- of "La ragazza con l'orecchino di perla e gli altri capolavori del Mauritshuis" (The girl with the pearl earring and the other masterpieces of Mauritshuis); and he set up at the Pescherie di Lugo(Ra) the personal exhibition "Esercizi spirituali", curated by the poet Daniele Serafini, Director of the Baracca Museum. In the autumn of the same year he set up the personal exhibition "Ombre", a selection of works from 2009 to 2014, at the Catania Art Gallery, presented by Arnaldo Romani Brizzi and was invited to the great historical exhibition "Arte dal vero. Aspetti della figurazione in Romagna dal 1900 a oggi" curated by Franco Bertoni and Andrea Emiliani. 2015 begins with an important exhibition event: he rearranges, enriched with 10 new works, "Spiritual Exercises" at the Casa Ariosto Museum, invited by Angelo Andreotti -Director of the Musei d'arte antica e storico scientifico of Ferrara. In the spring he took part in "Pittura Italiana", a collective exhibition held at the Catania Art Gallery and curated by Arnaldo Romani Brizzi. To celebrate his thirtieth anniversary, the Accademia degli Imperfetti, together with the Municipality of Meldola- Assessorato alla Cultura, organizes a new personal exhibition, "The Kingdom", at the Michelacci Gallery in the spring of 2016, with the presentation of the philosopher Federico Leoni. During the summer of 2016 he took part in the Contemporary Art Exhibition "Oltre la visione", curated by Massimo Scaringella, held in the Castle of Milazzo, and was chosen by Vittorio Sgarbi to represent Emilia-Romagna at the "Premio Pio Alferano 2016. Genius Loci", held every year in Castellabate (Sa). 2016 ends with two important exhibitions of national importance: "7". curated by Marcello Panascia and Laura Cavallaro, in the beautiful rooms of Palazzo Corvaja in Taormina and "Ode to Painting", curated by Marco Goldin, which rearranges the Museum's Contemporary Art Collection in the renovated rooms of the Conegliano Veneto Museum. At the beginning of 2017, Galleria Il Ponte 04 in Pieve di Cento organised a small anthological exhibition of works from 2010 to 2017 entitled "Lines of Shadow". In the spring of the same year Diego Galizzi, Director of the Museo Civico delle Cappuccine di Bagnacavallo, rearranged the permanent Contemporary Art section of the Museum, in which he also exhibited 2 of his important works. During the autumn he took part in the great collective exhibition "50", with which the Forni Gallery celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of its activity. Between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 he takes part in "Five", a large collective exhibition set up to celebrate the fifth year of activity of Catania Art Gallery. The spring of 2018 saw him involved in three major events: "Esercizi dello sguardo.Arte contemporanea in Romagna", curated by Franco Bertoni, staged at four venues -Forlì, Cesena, Brisighella and Argenta-; "Cantiere Disegno. Third edition of the Drawing Biennial" in Rimini and, above all, the large solo exhibition: "Acheropita" at the Civic Museum of the Capuchins in Bagnacavallo, commissioned and curated by the Director Diego Galizzi, with critical contributions by Rocco Ronchi, Tommaso Evangelista and Marcello Panascìa. In 2020 he began collaborating exclusively with the Piero Della Francesca Art Gallery in Arezzo, a historical reference point for Italian figurative art. Enrico Lombardi's research mainly concerns the statute of the image. It is based on principles of absolute rigour that are inspired, together, by the painting of the 3/4 century Italian and the great tradition of geometric abstraction. A paradoxical figuration that attempts to recompose what modernity has separated: abstract concept-narrative-composition. A painting that attempts to restore meaning to the pure act of painting by drawing, without qualms or ideologies, from our most luminous tradition.

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