Anno: 2021
Tecnica: Acrylics and spray on computer prepared canvas
Dimensioni: 100x62 cm
Codice prodotto: 8336
Status: In vendita


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CASPA is a young German street artist, who also creates works of art on canvas: starting, as a basis, from iconic subjects of art history, cinema, fashion, he reworks them digitally, mixing them with other elements taken from fashion, comics, cartoons, objects of mass culture, which he inserts in the project itself. The subjects, all unique pieces, are then printed in giclee (an ink-jet print with very high quality and color rendering) on canvas made of high weight cotton, on which the artist, finally, intervenes manually with spray, stencils, acrylic paints, enamels and many other techniques. Influenced by street art artists, CASPA, Dillon Boy, Alec Monopoly, Falco, Jonone, Banksy, Aiiroh but also by music, both classical and hip-pop. Through these elements of inspiration, he creates works of great visual impact. He lives and works in Germany.

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