"Matière en Mouvement No.2"

Anno: 1959
Tecnica: Olio su tela
Dimensione: 116 x 73 cm
Status: Disponibile
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Ideo Pantaleoni (c.d.Panta) was born in Legnago in 1904. He moved first to Ferrara, then to Bologna and finally to Milan, his adopted city, and Paris, which were to be professional and emotional places for the rest of his life. In Paris, where he moved in 1948, he was defined as the "Maître des Gris". He exhibited at Monsieur Rosse's Galerie La Roue, and frequented Poliakoff, Hartung, Klein, Altan, Seuphor and many others; he took part in numerous Parisian exhibitions with the group "Réalités Nouvelles" and was so well received that the Musee de la Ville de Paris bought one of his works dated 1958. In Italy he also took part in important exhibitions such as the Venice Biennale, the Milan Triennale and the Quadrennial Exhibitions in Rome, he collaborated with important galleries such as Galleria GianFerrari, Galleria Annunciata and Galleria Vismara, he frequented and collaborated with Carrà, De Pisis, Sironi, Munari, Soldati, Dorfles, Veronesi, Nigro, Dadamaino and others; in Albissola, at the instigation of Lucio Fontana, he created ceramic sculptures. He received countless awards and prizes for his career. He died on Christmas Eve 1993.

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